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If you’re a business owner that wants to get into Google’s 3-Pack, the first place to start is by optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing. This is the main database will use when selecting businesses for the 3-Pack and so making it really shine will give you a much better chance of reaching the 3-Pack. Optimizing a GMB listing is easy, as long as you have a little time to dedicate to making it something great. To optimize a GMB listing:

• Ensure your listing is completely filled out
• Incorporate keywords wherever you can throughout your listing
• Make sure your business hours within your listing are accurate
• Include photos in the listing
• Collect and respond to reviews within the listing
• Use Insights to monitor your listing
• Include a local number instead of a toll-free phone number

All of this is vital to getting into, and staying in, the Google 3-Pack. That means that it’s vital to ensuring more customers know about your business and choose you over your competitors to increase your bottom line. Your GMB listing plays an important role in whether or not you appear in those top spots and your high ranking will be worth the few minutes you spent optimizing!