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One of the two things you’ll focus on when trying to get your business listed in the Google 3-Pack is your Google My Business (GMB) listing. While many business owners think they can create and optimize their listing and then forget about it because they’ll be in the 3-Pack, they shouldn’t be so sure. Without regular monitoring, your business could soon fall out of the 3-Pack.

The main reason for this is that anyone can change or update a GMB listing. Customers, disgruntled employees, or anyone else can make changes to your listing at any time. They can change things like your name, address, or phone number, and you may not even receive a notification of the changes.

This is why monitoring the listing is so important. Monitoring the listing is as easy as logging into your GMB account and giving everything a quick review. If there’s information that shouldn’t be there, you can then remove it or correct it. It will also provide you with a chance to see if anyone has added a new review, or if there are items within the listing that are missing, such as pictures from your recent staff barbecue.

There are many good things about monitoring your GMB listing regularly. The best though has to be that you’re not leaving the fate of your listing, and your ranking, in the hands of Internet users everywhere.