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Many business owners know that in order to get listed in Google’s 3-Pack, you’ll need have a Google My Business (GMB) listing. However, simply having a listing is not enough. That listing has to be outstanding, and contain enough information that Google considers it relevant and helpful to users. Business owners can do this by optimizing their listing and making it shine in the eyes of Google.

So, how do you optimize your listing?

Start by completely filling out all the basic information such as your business name, the category of your business, and relevant NAP data. The business category is one field business owners don’t fill out or don’t fill out completely, but it’s an important one as it indicates relevancy to Google.

Next, focus on all the other areas such as reviews, pictures, and citations. Studies have shown that listings with reviews right inside of them are much more likely to appear in the Google 3-Pack than listings with no reviews.

Citations are mentions of your company in other places online. Google also gives higher rankings to businesses that have these in their listing. These are easier to get than most business owners think, as you can simply register with YellowPages or Yelp. These websites are ranked very high in Google and so these are some of the strongest citations you could get.

The Google 3-Pack is a Google product and as such, you want to incorporate all the same SEO strategies that you apply to your website into your listing. This means displaying a number of backlinks, and using keywords as much as possible without overstuffing the content. All of this will help ensure a business is ranked high in the 3-Pack.

No, simply being listed in Google My Business isn’t enough anymore to get into those top three spots. However, optimizing a listing in order to rank higher is very easy and just takes some time. And the exposure to new customers is definitely worth it!