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When a user performs a search with local intent, Google will place a box of the top three businesses above organic search results, and below paid ads. The search giant does this so that they can provide the most useful results to users and get them to what they’re looking for faster. This box is known as the Google 3-Pack.

Local intent is when a user is looking for something local such as “Chicago Pizzerias.” Google will try to match this search query with businesses that fit that description. The search engine takes these businesses largely out of the Google My Business directory, although websites that are fully optimized can also rank in the 3-Pack even if they’re not in Google My Business.

The Google 3-Pack is all about delivering local results. That means the results displayed will depend on elements out of your control as well, such as the user’s location. Although your business might appear in the 3-Pack in one area of town, it may not in another location.

While businesses listed in the 3-Pack certainly have an edge over businesses that aren’t, there good news for business  owners that want to make it into those top spots. It’s relatively easy to do!