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Many business owners have heard about Google’s 3-Pack but don’t actually understand the importance of getting into it. They hear that they’ll have to create a listing, optimize it, and monitor it, and they think it’s too much work. It’s understandable. They’re business owners that are already busy running their business.

However, all business owners should care about getting into the 3-Pack. Not making it a priority will affect the amount of exposure your business gets, and how many customers walk through your door.

Consider this fact. The first, second, and third results in the 3-Pack get 24.28 percent, 13.81 percent, and 9.5 percent of all clicks, respectively. That means if you’re in the 3-Pack, you already have a much bigger edge over your competitors. Also consider that 50 percent of customers that performed a local search on a mobile device visited the store within a day to make a purchase.

So, is there some work involved when trying to get into the Google 3-Pack? Yes, there is? Is it worth it? As much as you value customers, it is.