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There is a lot that goes into writing an effective AdWords ad that will get the views and clicks business owners want and turn those clickers into qualified leads and customers. But, out of all the things business owners need to know, it really boils down to important elements: knowing the requirements and solving the customer’s problem.

Google has very strict requirements for their ads when it comes to how large they can be. While two headlines are allowed, each headline can only have 30 characters, and those 30 characters apply to each individual headline so an ad writer cannot create one long headline with 60 characters. Secondly, AdWords only allows for 80 characters for the description, or the actual body of the ad. Just like any advertising medium, these guidelines must be followed and if they’re not, the ad probably won’t be approved.

When it comes to the actual ad, there’s a lot to consider but none of it matters if you’re not addressing the customer’s problem. Users typically don’t want to know about the business or hear all about the business owner. They’re looking for something because they have a problem and they need it solved. Because of this, it’s important to use the small amount of text space to tell the customer how you’ll solve their problem and how you can fix their problem. That’s what they’re looking for, and that’s what will get them to click on your ad.

While there’s a lot to think about when writing an ad for AdWords, starting with these two elements will get any business owner off to a good start in their campaign.