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Retargeting is a great way to advertise to people that have already visited your site. But how exactly does it all work? How can you make sure that you’re only retargeting those that have already visited?

It really all comes down to pixels, lists, and cookies. You, or your consultant, installs a pixel code onto your website. That pixel code places a cookie in the browser of visitors that come to your website.

After they leave your site, they’ll go to sites such as Google and Facebook and that cookie will follow them to that site. When they get there, they’ll see your retargeting ad. The cookies allow only visitors to your website to see your ad, so you can really tailor them to those customers and the stage of the sales funnel they’re in.

You can also create retargeting ads using your current email list. You upload the email addresses to the platform and the ads will then only be shown to those with matching email addresses. With this type of retargeting, you don’t even need to place the pixel code on the website. But, there is a downside. Online users often have up to ten or more emails addresses. If they use one when signing up for something on your website, and another when they’re roaming around on Google, they won’t see the retargeting ad.

While the process of retargeting may sound confusing at first, it’s really not. It’s a simple code that can be placed on a site, and then the rest of the retargeting ad process works very much just like creating any other online ad.