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There are two main reasons business owners choose to start using retargeting ads. They either want more conversions, people who are actually going to make a purchase, or they want to build awareness of their brand. And they often turn to retargeting because it’s so effective.

People aren’t likely to make a purchase the first time they land on your site. But after they leave your site and maybe do some comparison shopping or more research, they’ll continue to see your ad. Those impressions will stay with them and keep your business top of mind when they’re ready to buy.

Conversions don’t have to be just in the form of a purchase, either. They can be any action you want the customer to take including downloading a whitepaper, filling out a lead generation form, or attending a webinar.

But even for those customers that aren’t ready to buy and still in the beginning stages of the sales funnel can be impacted by retargeting ads in the same manner. As the ads start to appear and they see them over and over again, it makes them feel as though they do know more about your company. When that’s the case, they’re more likely to use your company when looking for a product or service.

And all because you’ve created a retargeting ad.

Whether your goal is to get more conversions or increase brand awareness online for your business, creating retargeting ads are a great way to achieve your goals.