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The whole point businesses sign up with Instagram is so they can promote their business. This can be done without ever purchasing ad space or boosting a post, but simply by consistently uploading great content that users love. But for those that do want to buy ads to run on the social media platform, Instagram has two different types.

The first is an actual ad, whether it’s in the form of a single image, video, Instagram Story, or other type of ad the platform offers. The easiest ways to create these are through the app itself or through Facebook Editor. Being a pay-per-click structure, business owners can decide for themselves how much they would like to spend on these ads, but on average they cost about $0.70 to $1.00 per click.

Running these types of ads on Instagram is not at all difficult, but there’s an even easier way to advertise on Instagram. This is by boosting posts that are already on Instagram. This is a feature that’s currently only available for business accounts, but it can also be done right through the app. Just scroll to the post you want to boost, and there will be a button below it that will prompt you to start boosting it. You’ll still need to choose a budget and a target audience, but your post will be promoted as soon as you’re done setting it up and the entire process can be done in just a few minutes.

While it’s possible to get organic traffic and new customers just by having a great Instagram profile, investing the time and budget to buy actual ad space can be even more effective for businesses.