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There is no shortage of ways today for business owners to market their business. And once they get into the world of online marketing, the doors open up even more. But those who want to limit the amount they do (so they can actually run a business and not spend all day marketing), should not consider Instagram marketing as one of the things that has to go.

Instagram marketing is one of the most powerful forms of online marketing; and a lot of that has to do with the fact that there are simply so many people using the app. In 2016 Instagram had 500 million users; and just a year later, it’s over 700 million. That’s a growth of over 50 percent in a single year. Now that is some serious marketing potential!

And not only are more people on Instagram, but those people don’t mind seeing ads while scrolling through their feeds. Instagram ads aren’t intrusive the way Facebook ads can sometimes be, so there is a better chance that people will actually read or watch the ad than just scroll past it.

In addition to that, Instagram ads are so easy for business owners to create. They have the option of making really involved and complex ads when using video or Story ads, or they can simply boost a post with a couple taps on their screen. And, because many Instagram users are already on users – and the two are very closely linked with Facebook actually owning Instagram – those who are already comfortable on Facebook are likely to be just as comfortable on Instagram.

With all of these benefits, there’s no reason for business owners to hold off any longer on Instagram marketing. So go ahead, get started today!