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All lead generation websites need to have a call to action, and that call to action needs to be great! A call to action is just that – it’s a call to the lead telling them to take some form of action. With a lead generation site, you want them to give you their contact information before receiving their free report, coupon, etc. But websites that simply state “Enter your info” probably won’t get very far because there are certain strategies that must be used when creating dynamic calls to action.

First and foremost, calls to action need to use compelling speech. “Get yours now!” “Your email will get you a free report!” and “Limited time!” are all calls to action that will encourage people to take the desired action, and to take it soon.

Calls to action should also be placed above the fold on any website, which means that on a desktop or laptop computer leads don’t have to scroll down for more information; and leads on a cellphone don’t have to swipe to get to the bottom of the page and see the call to action.

Calls to action also need to be tested regularly, which means they need to be changed and tested so the business owner can see what calls to action are working best, which ones are not, and use only those that are effective.