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Lead generation websites can be as unique as the businesses that create them. However, there are some elements that are common to all lead generation websites.

One of those elements is forms. Forms are really the backbone of any lead generation website. Without a form, you won’t be able to collect any information from potential leads, and that’s really the entire point of having a lead generation website.

To go along with the form on any lead generation website, business owners will also need to have a form-scraping tool. This is a resource that’s available for free on many different places on the web, and it will automatically extract the data entered into the form on the site.

Potential leads do not just look for websites to enter their email and other contact information into though. Before they do that, you as the business owner need to be offering them something of value that they’ll gladly exchange information for. When it comes to lead generation, most business owners decide to offer a coupon or a free report as something of value.