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LinkedIn also gives small business owners the opportunity to create a Company Page. This is a great chance to get the word out even more about your company and what you do for your customers. Many businesses fail to create a Company Page, and even more create a Company Page but don’t fully utilize it to its full potential.

A Company Page can really give leads, customers, and potential employees a further look into the entire company and its culture. You can ask that your employees set up their own profile pages so that they also show up on your Company Page; and when they do, your company logo can even appear on their profile pages. That’s another great way to get your name out and start getting recognized by people you may have otherwise never met.

Your Company Page is also a great place to link to blog posts, articles, e-books, and whitepapers that you have written. And once you realize that potential, the possibilities are endless. Imagine needing to fill a position within the company that you’ve had trouble filling in the past. Just write a blog post, and then share it via LinkedIn. You could have many candidates at your door as soon as the next day!

Imagine the company that has had trouble sharing new products and services with the public before. Write a blog post about it and again, share it to LinkedIn. You’ve now reached potentially thousands of people. Or picture the company that has lots of competition in their community. Write an article, share it through LinkedIn, and they are now the authority on the subject. It’s one small feature within the social media site; but it has a major impact.

But just because you have a Company Page doesn’t mean you can completely forget about your personal profile. Remember, in anything your business does, people want to connect with people, not companies. So while you can and should really try to boost your Company Page and utilize every nook and cranny that comes with it, you simply cannot neglect your personal profile. As soon as people see, via your Company Page, that you’re the owner of the company, they’re likely headed straight to your personal profile to learn more.