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There’s so much out there today that a business owner can do to boost their online marketing efforts. Wouldn’t it be so nice if at least some of those things could work together, with one benefiting the other? Now they can, when you use messenger bots to boost your email marketing campaigns.

The secret lies in the fact that in order to communicate with your messenger bot, users typically need to subscribe to them. How do they do that? By giving the bot their email address! And when they do that, what they’re actually giving you their email address! Once you have it, you get to just add that email to your email marketing list, and you’ve instantly built it, without doing anything more than building a messenger bot that’s already helping your business in other ways. How easy is that?

But this isn’t just a one-way street. Email marketing campaigns can also help your messenger bot. When you build a messenger bot, you’ll get a code to embed an icon on your website, your blog, and anywhere else that you want to promote your bot. And guess where one of those places is that you can do that? Yes! In your email marketing campaigns! Just add the code to your emails and instantly, your email marketing campaigns and messenger bots will be working together.

In addition to wondering how messenger bots can help your online advertising, there are other questions that you should be asking yourself before building your messenger bot. Get ready to hear what those are in just a little bit!