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Creating multiple business listings can be a tedious job. And unfortunately, once those listings are created the business owner’s job is not done. Those listings need to be kept up to date at all times and when they’re filled with outdated information it can greatly hurt the business and the business owner. And as growth is inevitable and there’s no stopping change, there’s little chance that the information within a listing will be current and relevant for the entire time the company is in business.

So, how often do business listings need to be updated? Of course, they should be updated any time there is a change in the company. If there are staff members named within the listing and they leave the company, the business listings will need to be changed to reflect that. And if the business moves to a different location that should absolutely be changed across all business listings. Any time there is a change in the business, the business listings should be analyzed to ensure that the listing will not be incorrect because of that change.

In addition to updating business listings anytime there is a change in the business, all listings should be reviewed every two or three months. This will give the business owner the opportunity to see if the listing still accurately reflects their business and if it doesn’t, to make the necessary changes. It’s the only way to ensure that all business listings are always accurate and doing the job the business owner intended them to do all along.