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We’ve been helping Business clients in Placer County since 2009.

With an inspired team of creative developers and marketers, we have been providing cost-effective and result-oriented marketing systems for Business clients just like you!

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Grow Your Business Clients With Digital Marketing

In these changing times, every Business business needs to build and maintain a strong online presence along with multiple digital marketing channels. We can help you in front of the right people at the right time; increase organic traffic; boost engagement and ultimately, increase your revenue and grow your Business clients.

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Unlike traditional buying experiences, digital marketing doesn’t stop at checkout. If you understand your target audience, digital marketing can make a customer becomes loyal and act as your brand ambassador.

Digital Marketing Offers Measurable ROI

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing provides reliable tools to measure your ROI; let you know what works, what doesn’t; and you can go from there to decide how to spend your marketing budget the best way possible.

This is Your Chance to Dominate the Competition

Digital marketing doesn’t require a huge budget or expensive tools to get your company noticed. With the right systems in place, a small digital marketing campaign can even win over big marketing budget.

Multichannel Approach that Boosts Conversions

Your potential customers can be anywhere online, and each of them has specific needs and habits. Using multiple digital marketing channels, you can find potential customers using whichever favorite platform they prefer.

Your Competition Is Already Online!

In a recent survey, half of small businesses were planning to use digital marketing or already had websites, social media or YouTube channels up and running. If your business haven’t involved in digital marketing yet, now is the time!

Why Choose Us

Experience And Creativity

At Synergy New Media, we are passionate about our work. Our experienced and creative team stay ahead of the curve to provide effective marketing campaigns to make your business stand out among your competitors.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards so that you can rest assured your marketing budget is spent the right way. We grow together with our Business clients and we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality services in the field.

We’re skilled in a variety of online marketing techniques and we always update ourselves with the latest technologies and the best tools out there to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.
  • Text Marketing
  • Viral Traffic Campaigns
  • Reputation Management
  • Building a Loyal Repeat Customer Base

What We Do

Our Business Marketing Solutions

Website/Landing Page

We provide professional, fast and affordable Business websites that match your specific needs

Local SEO - GMB

Get a higher ranking on Google for local keywords and get in front of thousands of potential Business customers

PPC Management

We can manage your SEO or PPC campaigns to deliver the best results at the lowest price possible

Video Marketing

We provide high-quality videos that help build your brand authority and increase customer engagements

Social Media Marketing

We provide result-oriented social marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses, just like you!

Reputation Management

Online reputation is important these days. We can help improve your online review for stronger credibility.

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