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Before you can start fixing or building your reputation, you need to know what you’re dealing with. You need to assess your online reputation. And before you do that, you need to first understand what influences your online reputation. When talking about the online world, there are two main influences: organic searches and social media.

Organic searches are the thousands of searches that are made every single minute in search engines – you’ve probably made several of them yourself. Organic searches are those that are made when the user doesn’t even really know what they’re looking for. It could be in the form of a question such as, “How do I get rid of bathroom scum?” or just a few words for what they’re searching for, such as “bathroom scum cleaner.”

Organic searches bring traffic to your site through the use of search engines, and they can be very beneficial to businesses that have great online content. However, that good content might never be seen by visitors if unflattering reviews and negative content outranks it on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

There’s one factor that influences online reputation more than organic searches, and that’s social media.

Social media has become massive today, and any business that doesn’t recognize that is going to quickly get left behind. However, managing your online reputation through social media is more than just creating a Twitter profile or making a Facebook page.

The search engines treat social media websites like normal web pages. Because of this, every tweet, every status update, and any mention of your company can show up in the search engine results, and can mean just as much to your online reputation as the actual pages on your website.

Find out how to assess your online reputation and find out what people are saying, and what people are listening to, in just a few simple steps!