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Business owners often want to spend their time running their business and working directly with customers rather than expending their energy on marketing efforts. Because of this, they often contemplate whether it’s better to just hand everything over to a marketing consultant. And in the case of retargeting, there are also ad service companies that focus solely on retargeting and can also be of help to business owners.

When it comes to retargeting, business owners are generally better off letting someone else take over the reigns. Google AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter are really the only platforms that will provide business owners with a code. And after exhausting those platforms, they will need to create their own pixel code if they want to further their retargeting reach. This can be difficult for business owners that do not have the necessary experience.

Ad services such as AdRoll and Retargeter will handle everything related to a retargeting campaign from setting them up on platforms, to installing pixel codes, to giving you reports on the success of the campaign. But, they likely won’t be able to help you with your other online marketing needs such as improving brand reputation and building awareness for new customers that may not have yet shown an interest in your business.

Marketing consultants on the other hand, can completely dedicate themselves to you, your business, and any marketing needs you may have, online or otherwise. Not only will they have the knowledge and experience to make a retargeting campaign really work, but they’ll have knowledge in many other areas too. And that can end up helping your business a lot more than you had originally hoped.