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One of the most difficult things about marketing is getting your message in front of the people that need to see it. Television commercials may reach the masses, but only a fraction of those people may be interested in the product. And radio and newspaper ads are the exact same way. But with social media marketing, you will actually get to pick and choose who sees your message, so you know it’s getting to the people you need it to.

This is mostly true with paid social media advertising. When you set up an ad through Facebook or Instagram (the two most effective social media ads), you actually get to check off boxes indicating age groups, locations, gender, and other information that lets you highly target your ad to only those people that you want to see it. What other form of marketing lets you do that? Not very many. And it gets even better.

With these ads, the social media platform will even tell you how many people your ad is going to reach. It will tell you how many users in your chosen demographics will see your ad, and suggest more if you feel as though it’s not enough. You have to be careful with this, as choosing too many demographics will see your ad ineffectively broadcasting to the masses, just like those TV commercials or radio ads. But it can also open your ad up to other audiences when that seems like a good fit.

Paid ads have so many advantages over other types of ads, and being able to pinpoint your ad down to the exact right audience is just one of them. And in most cases, they’re one of the most affordable types of advertising, too.